Hard-Bop Noir from The Michael Lauren All Stars

Lush horn work and harmonies make the Michael Lauren All Stars’ “Once Upon a Time in Portugal” swing and sway. The vibes provide smooth, round stones of notes followed by a light, joyous beat from Michael on percussion, making this travelogue-like tribute to his adopted country an inviting musical endorsement. “Minor Strain” is stunningly melodic... Continue Reading →

Funky Sizzles and Blue Notes from Pete Levin

Bucking the notorious traffic on NYC’s George Washington Bridge, car troubles, and living through the disappearance of the Moog synthesizer, musician Pete Levin treks on. Organ, keys, piano and a great ear for composing fresh and engaging music keep things moving along; that, plus his new CD “Mobius” just released this past September. With sparkling... Continue Reading →

Sweet and Low from the Double-Reed

A range we are familiar with; perhaps analogous to the tenor sax or trombone. But a woody depth that has gloss and groove. Add to that, a phenomenal technique and keen talent, and you have Michael Rabinowitz on bassoon. Playing jazz? You betcha. Michael’s aha moment came from a place of “why not?” Today he... Continue Reading →

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