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Robin Phillips Resurfaces with “Re-Versed”

Robin Phillips (featured on this blog in 2018) once again delivers upbeat, fresh music even while re-visiting the past with his new album “Re-Versed.” The UK-based singer and pianist has selected some of the best jazz standards ever and adds... Continue Reading →

Clean and Light: Alto Sax from Sam Braysher

Effortlessly, Sam Braysher breathes life into his alto and makes the Great American Songbook sparkle and shine. He brings a light and sure touch, swinging here and bending there, giving each phrase just enough force to lead into/lead away from... Continue Reading →

Whither Thou Goest: The Together Sound of RUN LOGAN RUN

Their music paints a mood that is space-like and meandering yet accessible; you can follow the flow but you can’t quite predict what embellishments either musician will utilize. The song is “The Delicate Balance of Terror” and the two-man Run... Continue Reading →

The Corey Mwamba Effect: A Ring of Truth

The sound Corey Mwamba produces on his vibraphone is honest and true, a sweet clarion with rich harmony. He possesses a surgical precision with the mallets and knows how to coax beauty and depth from them. When and why did... Continue Reading →

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