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The Match is Lit – Linda Carone Sets off Fire Alarms

Bluesy guitar and twinkling piano accompany singer Linda Carone in her throaty send-up of “Big Bad Handsome Man.” She swings easily on “Sweet Lotus Blossom” and “Guilty” breathlessly relates a tale of hopeless love. Most remarkable about her style is... Continue Reading →

“Tell Me Why Life is Beautiful?” (Hint: It’s Music)

The rich, lush sound of crooner Debbie Gifford brings a dramatic flair from her background in theater with particular attention to telling stories of regret and lost opportunities. Debbie colors these musical vignettes with strength and character, exhibiting an awesome... Continue Reading →

As Sugar Crystals Form into Notes

Operatic training from ages 12-17 gave her the platform to sing correctly without damaging her voice, and now Andrea Miller is singing sultry torch songs at clubs and festivals all around the country. Her newest CD, Maybe Today, is musical... Continue Reading →

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