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Masterful Rivulets: The Andrew Rathbun Quintet

In “Character Study,” Canadian-born sax player (now stateside) Andrew Rathbun leads a serious quintet that cooks a multi-course meal and serves it jumping around, ladling mind-blowing flavors on every plate. While his lone sax thoughtfully breathes an undeniably gorgeous melody... Continue Reading →

The Life-Affirming Heartbeat of Jazz with Elliot Mason

Elliot Mason, a bold and creative trombonist with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, recorded his developing baby’s heartbeat into one of his songs. This is just one of many cool things about Mason’s new CD titled “Before, Now &... Continue Reading →

Envision a Circus Where the Lion Tamer Wields a Sax – Comparisons to the Three Rings by Jon Irabagon

Multi-sax musician Jon Irabagon riffs off the oddities and calliope-gone-awry quality of a circus in his latest CD, “Dr. Quixotic’s Traveling Exotics.” As front man for his quartet, Irabagon provides a fresh glimpse at recombining rhythms and stretching the definition... Continue Reading →

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