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All the Notes You Are – Seeking the “Quantum Truth” with DK Anderson

Funkin’ up T. Monk’s “Epistrophy” righteously, tenor sax player DK Anderson digs in deep and comes up with some shockingly fresh angles. It’s one of the tracks on his new CD “Quantum Truth,” an inventive collection of songs played on... Continue Reading →

World Peace Through Jazz (Why Not?)

Sly Scott studies the classical masters and fits into any imaginable musical scenario. He has an ear out for World Beat, R&B, movie and TV theme music, rock, and more. Though he finds unusual places to practice, he keeps moving,... Continue Reading →

Sideman, Soloist, Traveler

The guy has a wide and easy vibrato, hanging back on the beat just a smidge so you can feel the sultriness of it. This is “Traveler,” Andy Snitzer’s musical commentary about being on the road, all over the planet,... Continue Reading →

Music Minus Road Maps

It might come across as highly experimental and without form, but Rachel Musson’s improvisations on the sax are the result of intense study and musical flexibility. Preferring the tenor in the sax family, Rachel is partial to her first instrument:... Continue Reading →

Groovin’, Growlin’ and Life with Houston Person

Houston Person is spare with words; he says it all with his tenor. Originally from South Carolina, the well-traveled jazz master lives in New York now. He has a rigorous touring schedule and keeps a smile on no matter what,... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Sonny: The Proposed Renaming of a Bridge

"The New Yorker" by Gaurab Thakali with permission Jeff Caltabiano is a jazz devotee who continually immerses himself in its world, learning about the history, people and music of it. He’s the founder of an initiative to name the Williamsburg... Continue Reading →

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