Sk8tr Artist Renders Jazz Masters

This past August, Huck Magazine did a piece about the connection between skateboarding and creativity. It turns out that not only is there a sense of resilience in common (“they fall off, they get back on”), there is also the idea of improv, self-reliance, honing a craft. Add to this that the skater culture is... Continue Reading →

A Saturated Palette: Artist Gaurab Thakali

This story accompanies an earlier one about Sonny Rollins. With assertive purples, blues, pinks, reds and oranges, illustrator Gaurab Thakali interprets cultural figures and societal issues. Some of his illustrations catch the collective attention of social media. One has exploded into iconic status. A modest, shy artist, the UK’s Gaurab Thakali has re-imagined Sonny Rollins... Continue Reading →

Can’t Stop This Carnival – Digital Remastering Breathes New Life Into 1986 “Saxophone Colossus” Film on Sonny Rollins

Film documentarian Robert Mugge has always been captivated by the stories of music, particularly those of Al Green, Ruben Blades, the legendary 2010 rhythm and blues cruise, and the post-Katrina musicians of New Orleans. In 1986, he produced a now iconic film about Sonny Rollins titled “Saxophone Colossus.” At the date of this writing, after... Continue Reading →

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