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Sail On with the Groove – Words of Jazz from Patrick Yandall

Lots of airplay for guitarist Patrick Yandall’s “A Journey Home,” which starts out with an assertive striking of block chords then it’s all smooth sailing from there. Bright horns, funky/bluesy organ and more blues from the guitar, followed by a... Continue Reading →

Sheer Smooth Joy with Greg Vail

Greg Vail’s been wailing on the sax since the big hair days of the 1980s (with his own mane to match), through the chill days of smooth as it was breaking out on its very own. Now, he’s re-examining some... Continue Reading →

To Catch a Shooting Star

Guided by his faith and heart first and then his ears, producer/musician Dwayne Fulton knows the ins and outs of attracting talent. He has a strong interest in gospel music and is hands-on involved with his church in Pittsburgh. A... Continue Reading →

Giving Props to the Horns that Went Before

Rob Zinn, front man for the Wilmington, Delaware-based Rob Zinn Group, says their original intention was not to form a “trumpet tribute” band…however, there’s an element of that going on. There are plenty of kickin’ original tunes, but the band... Continue Reading →

The Harmony is Magnetic but the Groove is Genetic

Twenty-two-year-old twins Jeremiah and John III are about to finish college but they already got a jump-start on their musical careers. Taking the best from jazz, R&B and soul, The Moore Twins are bringing a hip, fresh sound to “old... Continue Reading →

Catch That Funkin’ Energy with BlendJazz

The Alabama indie smooth jazz/funk/R&B band BlendJazz pulls you in, grabs you with the rhythm, and keeps your head bopping. It’s because of the unique combo of Henry Mixon, Earl Rice and AnthonyStix Payton, who together, make tunes like “Slow... Continue Reading →

Finally! It’s Time for the Smooth Indie Artist

It’s only because he loves them. Guitarist and smooth jazz/R&B aficionado Gary Fuston says he and a partner started GHP Productions to shine a warm spotlight on the indie artist. It’s a cool and easy place to hear the newest... Continue Reading →

Gliding Through the Frets with Dirk K

Dirk K has really nailed that mellow vibe. He gives a calm, easy beat cushioning the light hook of “Blu Sky” and lends a subtle flamenco flavor to the sexy “Lights Off” with sax player Jarez. His sound is outstanding,... Continue Reading →

Man of Textures: From Hard Rock to Smooth Jazz

It’s been an interesting ride so far for the former New York City taxi cab driver who makes his way now as a smooth jazz bassist. Christian DeMesones (given the nickname “Big New York” because people have trouble pronouncing his... Continue Reading →

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