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Petros Klampanis

A Nod to Home: Greece and Turkey Seep Into Jazz with the Thrilling New Band “Yiasena”

Edgy minor modes and fun percussion riffs plus Greco-Turkish strains in the chameleon-like tune “Tamara Deli Horon” are the kinds of interesting nugget-bites you will find with the quintet called Yiasena. A mixed bag for sure. More serene, “Gianni Mou... Continue Reading →

Holding a Kaleidoscope Up to the Sun – Vibe Talk with Christos Rafalides

Dancing, bobbing and weaving, Christos Rafalides spills all his emotions onto the vibes. Mallets do the work as if on their own, striking at the intervals and harmonies that make his music ring out. New notes layer upon what is... Continue Reading →

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