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Pat Metheny

Jazz Guitarists: Top 5 of All Time

Guest post by Marc-Andre Seguin Jazz guitar is an odd topic. Trust me, I know: I started one of the most popular jazz guitar websites ( back in 2009. The instrument itself is a “tool of the gods” when it... Continue Reading →

Feel-good Enzymes Flow From Jeff Shirley’s “Point of the Story”

In his new CD “Point of the Story,” Kansas City guitarist Jeff Shirley says that storyline is up for interpretation. But he helps the listener get there with a mellow groove, tunes that reach the back of your brain and... Continue Reading →

Rising to Mountaintops – Jazz Talk with Elon Turgeman

The twin opening chords of “It Plays By Itself” establishes the groove and funk that Israeli guitar master Elon Turgeman is known for. With vibrant color reminiscent of chimes and an uplifting, echo chamber-like quality, the song drives to his... Continue Reading →

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