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Speckles, Sparkles and Movement: Chris Pasin’s New CD, “Ornettiquette”

Trumpet player Chris Pasin reaches into the kernel of it all with simplicity. In his relationship with the horn, he shows respect and expressiveness using bold lines, spare phrasing and clear messages. Inspired by the longtime collaborations that paired the... Continue Reading →

Mixing Grooves and Slathering the Beat, St. Louis Style

With a deep love and appreciation for the jazz figures who have come before him, Bruce Purse is the jazz lover’s futurist: looking ahead and allowing the musical tide to bring jazz to its new evolution. On trumpet (and sometimes... Continue Reading →

A Fly on the Wall: Jazz History on Rediscovered Tapes and the Author Who Pored Over Them

In 2009, author Sam Stephenson wrote a fascinating book that gave more than a peek into the jazz world from an insider’s view. Titled The Jazz Loft Project, the book was about Stephenson’s special access to countless boxes of 50+... Continue Reading →

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