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Celebrating the Message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Musician Jason Vitelli

Two paths, one man: Jason Vitelli wails on alto sax in the jazzy Emanuele Tozzi Trio, and is a singer/songwriter/guitarist immersed in an emotive genre he calls “cinematic rock.” Jason’s newest CD, “Head Above Tide,” is a collection of tone... Continue Reading →

The Hook of Love – Velvet Notes from Storyteller Wayne Tucker

He only wants to reach people’s hearts through song and a trumpet. New York City-based Wayne Tucker has an impeccable – seemingly innate – sense of timing and phrasing. He doesn’t sweat over formulas or industry standards. Rather, the stories... Continue Reading →

Bringing the Love in All Registers

Starting with bold, decisive intervals falling down the scale and punctuated subtly by drums, the title song of Kenny Shanker’s new CD “The Witching Hour” opens to a wide and expressive solo where Kenny swings. The man’s not afraid of... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of a Clear, Jewel-Toned Voice, with Emma Larsson

Boppy, hip and with perfect bouncy phrasing, this is “Watch My Garden Grow” as Emma Larsson performed it at NYC’s Blue Note. Each phrase is given thoughtful respect with a storyteller’s grace. Accompanied by top-notch musicians who play deep and... Continue Reading →

New York Poet on a Tenor

Warm, honey tones come dancing out of Adam Larson’s tenor sax as he plays the main melody line of “Out the Window.” He has an ease with the instrument and conveys his beliefs confidently through it, whether expressing himself lyrically... Continue Reading →

NOVEMBER 3 RELEASE DATE: “Upside Down Looking Up” / Mauricio Zottarelli And Friends, Firmly In the Pocket

Mauricio Zottarelli ’s new CD is most distinguishable by its opening suite, three panels conveying how we can be upside-down in life, and in need of re-orienting ourselves to a new path. Part 1 has conflicting rhythms that pull each... Continue Reading →

Donald Wayne King Slaps it with a Funky Beat

Bass player Donald Wayne King’s style is calm and almost mesmerizing, with a lot of funk. One of his favorite hangouts is a little joint in Hartford, CT called Black Eyed Sally’s – good food, great jazz. His tune “Slam”... Continue Reading →

Groovin’, Growlin’ and Life with Houston Person

Houston Person is spare with words; he says it all with his tenor. Originally from South Carolina, the well-traveled jazz master lives in New York now. He has a rigorous touring schedule and keeps a smile on no matter what,... Continue Reading →

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