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An Injection of Oscillation with the John Colianni Sextet

Hit right between the eyes by the opening tick-tock drum beat followed by real fat sounds from double-trouble on tenor saxes is a killer way to set the mood on the song “I Never Knew.” The piano solo from leader... Continue Reading →

A Fountain of Lights: Robin Phillips with Color and Shine

They say energy is neither created nor destroyed. These people never saw Robin Phillips perform. The creation of a tornado’s worth of musical force is one of the natural wonders of the scene, a treat to all who are lucky... Continue Reading →

Albumology with Will Friedwald

Only a true music lover can list his top 50+ albums on the spot, from the heart, not taking a breath. Author Will Friedwald is one such writer. The level of musical detail in his new release The Great Jazz... Continue Reading →

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