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Mauricio Zottarelli

NOVEMBER 3 RELEASE DATE: “Upside Down Looking Up” / Mauricio Zottarelli And Friends, Firmly In the Pocket

Mauricio Zottarelli ’s new CD is most distinguishable by its opening suite, three panels conveying how we can be upside-down in life, and in need of re-orienting ourselves to a new path. Part 1 has conflicting rhythms that pull each... Continue Reading →

Steve Sandberg Quartet Blends a Puree of Jazz, World and Classical with Flavor + Spice

Zach Brock from the Steve Sandberg Quartet **Newsflash: The Steve Sandberg Quartet's new release "Alaya" has just been submitted by ArtistShare for a Grammy nomination!** Hailing from New York City and becoming enamored with the piano at a very early... Continue Reading →

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