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J-pop Star Senri Oe Makes Death-Defying Hairpin Turn into Jazz

The very first jazz release from former Japanese pop star Senri Oe is called “HMMM” and it is with this humorous introspection that one can regard the new direction he’s enthusiastically embraced. The CD comes out September 20 on PND... Continue Reading →

Artist, Technician and Choreographer of Notes

When you get discovered by an absolute icon of big band like Doc Severinsen…you know you're on a track that’s right and tight. Jazz pianist Mary Louise Knutson has fingers that communicate by dancing on the keys on, say, “Bernie’s... Continue Reading →

With Love, Victor Borge

Classical pianist and humorist Victor Borge (1909-2000), born in Denmark, was one of early television’s first musicians to perform a stunning variety of classical pieces for a rapt audience, all while injecting a wonderful, dry humor into his performances. In... Continue Reading →

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