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MV on the Verge of Jazz from Within

In “Enjoy the Silence,” vocalist MV (Marie-Veronique) of MV Jazz is paired with two guitarists who create lovely, folk-inspired music. Though MV sings with a social conscience, her phrasing also glistens with a jazz sensibility. One prime example is “Why... Continue Reading →

Music, Truth, Love and a Tribute to Jef Lee Johnson…with Reggie Washington

He gives the music a sturdy and funky floor – with his bass keeping the bottom, Reggie Washington’s playing is spare yet each note necessary. In “Fall,” guitarist David Gilmore plays a high-register melody, adding climbing chords punctuated by falls... Continue Reading →

The Sun Sparkles in Poland

Sweet as honey with the clarity of a sunny morning, “They Say” is Monika Lidke’s bluesy tale of undeniable love. Even when friends warn you about the dangers of getting your heart broken, it’s a pit you willingly fall into.... Continue Reading →

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