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The Gleam in His Eye – The Music of James Brady

You start with a hot little hook and invoke a tiny rhythmic homage to Sonny Rollins’s “St. Thomas” – how can you go wrong? James Brady jumps into his “Everybody Has a Plan” with a masterful trumpet, accompanied by fantastic... Continue Reading →

A Fountain of Lights: Robin Phillips with Color and Shine

They say energy is neither created nor destroyed. These people never saw Robin Phillips perform. The creation of a tornado’s worth of musical force is one of the natural wonders of the scene, a treat to all who are lucky... Continue Reading →

Clean and Light: Alto Sax from Sam Braysher

Effortlessly, Sam Braysher breathes life into his alto and makes the Great American Songbook sparkle and shine. He brings a light and sure touch, swinging here and bending there, giving each phrase just enough force to lead into/lead away from... Continue Reading →

The Sun Sparkles in Poland

Sweet as honey with the clarity of a sunny morning, “They Say” is Monika Lidke’s bluesy tale of undeniable love. Even when friends warn you about the dangers of getting your heart broken, it’s a pit you willingly fall into.... Continue Reading →

Journeying Through Africa with the Philip Clouts Quartet

Rhythmically boppy with unexpected chord changes and thick strands of textures, the UK’s Philip Clouts Quartet is accessible and joyous. As an example, the song “Umoya” shows its optimism with an ever-present sax noodling throughout, piano subtly giving it a... Continue Reading →

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