Creating Sparks as We Touch – Aldo Bagnoni’s Latest CD “The Connection”

Drummer Aldo Bagnoni addresses the isolation of social distancing with a beautiful answer: human connection, which, musically, translates easily with his new album, “The Connection.” Smooth and gradual like a pinkening sunrise, “Glide” has the subtlety of breathing life in; becoming the strength of a positive affirmation. In “Lipompo’s Just Arrived,” short bursts and harmonies... Continue Reading →

Giving Voice to Seraphim – Pianist Silvio Caroli

Silvio Caroli is a pianist and teacher of jazz, and while his students might enjoy his accessibility and wonderful personality, they are extraordinarily fortunate to be learning music from one of the best. Caroli’s intense lyricism, fully absorbed pacing and thoughtful touch are as stunning as the sun breaking out from behind the clouds. Trained... Continue Reading →

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