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Easy, Breezy on a Butterfly’s Wings

Highly listenable and chill, Carol Albert’s voice evokes light and air. Perfect that her standout CD is so visually oriented: images of butterfly wings, waterfalls and the sky.  When did you first know you wanted to be a musician? I... Continue Reading →

A Fly on the Wall: Jazz History on Rediscovered Tapes and the Author Who Pored Over Them

In 2009, author Sam Stephenson wrote a fascinating book that gave more than a peek into the jazz world from an insider’s view. Titled The Jazz Loft Project, the book was about Stephenson’s special access to countless boxes of 50+... Continue Reading →

The Harmony is Magnetic but the Groove is Genetic

Twenty-two-year-old twins Jeremiah and John III are about to finish college but they already got a jump-start on their musical careers. Taking the best from jazz, R&B and soul, The Moore Twins are bringing a hip, fresh sound to “old... Continue Reading →

Mallets, Two by Two: The Lush Sound of Steve Raybine

Vibes performer and educator Steve Raybine is appropriately respectful of the craftsmanship it takes to build a vibraphone. This is an instrument requiring meticulous tuning, top-quality materials and precision to produce. It also takes a committed technician and artist like... Continue Reading →

The Grooves are Locked

Channeling Chet yet with his own smooth and sexy sound, LA-based guitarist/vocalist Dean Grech wants to bring jazz to people who have shied away from it. After all, the biggest cartoon of all time, Peanuts, was scored by the genius... Continue Reading →

As Sugar Crystals Form into Notes

Operatic training from ages 12-17 gave her the platform to sing correctly without damaging her voice, and now Andrea Miller is singing sultry torch songs at clubs and festivals all around the country. Her newest CD, Maybe Today, is musical... Continue Reading →

Give Me Some Deep American Blues — From Brazil’s Own Tulio Augusto

Self-taught guitarist and harmonica player Tulio Augusto has a houseful of instruments, is defending his second master's and working on a Ph.D., and has composed something stunning, bluesy, Gershwin-like – indescribable, really – that shows he can climb right inside... Continue Reading →

Made in NY Jazz Competition **PART 2**

This is the fifth year for the Made in NY Jazz Competition. While this recent article is a Q&A with founder Misha Brovkin, what follows is some input from a Made in NY committee member and one of the judges!... Continue Reading →

A Dream of Jazz Comes True: Misha Brovkin Creates the “Made in NY Jazz Competition”

Misha Brovkin grew up in Siberia and loved jazz the first time he heard it. His parents were classically trained, and his father also played pop and rock music with local bands. As a child who played piano, when Misha... Continue Reading →

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