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Hi-Hats and High Spirit from Drummer Cecilia Sanchietti

Cecilia Sanchietti has a sweet, light, airy touch on drums, but don’t mistake that for meekness. She rolls and shimmers, painting with a full palette of colors on a multitude of recordings and performances. Having collaborated with a Nigerian choir... Continue Reading →

Jazz Saves a Soul – Life Lessons with Simone Gubbiotti

After a football injury to the knee, professional Italian athlete Simone Gubbiotti had an existential crisis of sorts. Having to give up the sport he loved left him on a rough ocean without a paddle. Rescue came in the form... Continue Reading →

One is a Bird Flying, the Other is the Air

A duet that can perform so intuitively with all the necessary nuances need not even be in the same space, may be blindfolded, may be separated. Still that duet will produce elegant and beautiful harmonies in perfect rhythmic respect to... Continue Reading →

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