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Hudson Valley Jazz Festival

Everything Looks Like a Hammer?

When you’re pianist Neil Alexander and your band is named NAIL, you’ve already got a sense of irony. Playful, raw and energetic, NAIL’s music defies category. There's jazz influences, fusion, funk and more. Being tender is not foreign territory either:... Continue Reading →

The Crescendo is Building with the 2018 Hudson Valley Jazz Festival

The jazz festival in and around Warwick, in upstate New York, is once again picking up steam. Entering its ninth year, the event was founded by Steve Rubin (who’s also a drummer) as a community labor of love. The jazz... Continue Reading →

The Moon Rises with Gabriele Tranchina

The title song of Gabriele Tranchina’s CD “Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes” displays her multi-octave, comfortably reached range; it’s a soothing, pretty composition by her husband Joe. The funky “Straphangin’” paints a story of blooming love... Continue Reading →

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