Gliding Through the Frets with Dirk K

Dirk K has really nailed that mellow vibe. He gives a calm, easy beat cushioning the light hook of “Blu Sky” and lends a subtle flamenco flavor to the sexy “Lights Off” with sax player Jarez. His sound is outstanding, clear and upbeat. Who were your early musical influences? My first guitar teacher, Juergen Sturm,... Continue Reading →

Riffing Off Planet Mars

Guitarist, songwriter and TV composer B Christopher just released a CD inspired by the planet Mars called Four from the Sun. With a thesaurus-like wit, B (given name Brendan) has named each track for a different shade of red. From the easy flowing “Auburn” to the soaring sax on “Magenta” and the moody “Garnet,” each... Continue Reading →

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