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Great American Songbook

Through Strong Fingertips: Roberta Piket and 88 Keys

Roberta Piket wears the Great American Songbook like it’s her second skin, but has the versatility and curiosity to pull off free jazz and something even less often heard: jazz chamber music. She’s also had the rare honor of being... Continue Reading →

Clean and Light: Alto Sax from Sam Braysher

Effortlessly, Sam Braysher breathes life into his alto and makes the Great American Songbook sparkle and shine. He brings a light and sure touch, swinging here and bending there, giving each phrase just enough force to lead into/lead away from... Continue Reading →

Songs that Penetrate the Heart and Stay There

Maria Schafer’s debut vocal album “To Know Love…” comes out in January, 2018. Written in an astounding five weeks squeezed between road performances with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the new album is mindful of all the types of love we... Continue Reading →

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