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A Fountain of Lights: Robin Phillips with Color and Shine

They say energy is neither created nor destroyed. These people never saw Robin Phillips perform. The creation of a tornado’s worth of musical force is one of the natural wonders of the scene, a treat to all who are lucky... Continue Reading →

Elastic Adventures with Carlos Saunier

You’re galloping out of the gate from the get-go with “Inminente,” an exuberant romp led by the tenor sax who counterpoints with Carlos Saunier’s guitar. The song is from Carlos’ latest CD release of the same name. “Tocino,” also on... Continue Reading →

Sipping the Smooth, Cool Mojito with Iceman LT

Smooth jazz radio host Iceman LT (Lee Thomas) brings a well-rounded history to the internet with Mojito Jazz. Inspired by his love for all sub-genres (lounge, acid, nu, Latin, funk, fusion, West Coast Cool and there’s more), Iceman has an... Continue Reading →

Torches Please – Mimi Hart Sets it on Fire

Deep, operatic and reminiscent of the early smoky jazz clubs, Mimi Hart launches “My Funny Valentine” with the dark and minor Shakespearean intro not often heard. Relaxing into the relief of a major key, she adds tumbling piano riffs followed... Continue Reading →

Sail On with the Groove – Words of Jazz from Patrick Yandall

Lots of airplay for guitarist Patrick Yandall’s “A Journey Home,” which starts out with an assertive striking of block chords then it’s all smooth sailing from there. Bright horns, funky/bluesy organ and more blues from the guitar, followed by a... Continue Reading →

Celebrating the Message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Musician Jason Vitelli

Two paths, one man: Jason Vitelli wails on alto sax in the jazzy Emanuele Tozzi Trio, and is a singer/songwriter/guitarist immersed in an emotive genre he calls “cinematic rock.” Jason’s newest CD, “Head Above Tide,” is a collection of tone... Continue Reading →

Living the Brassy Fantasy

  The next-gen iteration of Earth, Wind and Fire funkadelia has arrived with the uplifting energy of NYC-based 3D Rhythm of Life. The band honors the classic EWF songs – most notably, the blockbuster “Fantasy” – adding fresh changes in... Continue Reading →

New Book Covers First Half-Century of Swingin’ Sound in New York City

50 Years at the Village Vanguard: Thad Jones, Mel Lewis and the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra by David Lisik and Eric Allen (2017, Skydeck Music) A joyful onslaught of graphics, photos and posters; sidebars, indented quotes and other neat features add... Continue Reading →

Upright is the Closest Thing to Heaven – Musical Musings with Bassist Mark Wade

From the thrum of electric bass guitar to the statuesque upright, Mark Wade has advanced his ear for the basement-level notes. What is subsonic to some, he is able to tend with a gardener’s hand; giving depth to his trio.... Continue Reading →

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