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“Imperfect Solo” by Steven Boykey Sidley Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Meyer (we only learn his first name deeper into the book) is filled with dread…and jazz. A modern, midlife anti-hero who has a complicated, messed-up family situation, Meyer (a divorced alto sax musician) grapples with the meaning of life while... Continue Reading →

A Novelist’s Journey, Episode 7: “We’re Live in 3, 2, 1…” – Tips for Doing Great Radio Interviews

God bless the power of Twitter. Really. I thought I was too old and too un-hip to use it. But once I started, I began to see its incredible usefulness. I met a pretty cool guy on it. He’s the... Continue Reading →

Improvise to Survive: An Interview with Lawrence Bush

Lawrence Bush, a many-times-over author and the editor of the progressive website/magazine “Jewish Currents”, has an octopus-like curiosity and a deep reach into the uncountable facets of Jewish life and sensibility. Among the topics he has written on are the... Continue Reading →

A Novelist’s Journey – Episode 4

Inspirational as a Sunrise! Your First Writer's Conference: How to Survive and Thrive If I knew then what I know now…I would have had a much better experience at my first writer’s conference. Though I didn’t make any fatal mistakes,... Continue Reading →

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