Leaning in with Boris Kozlov

Boris Kozlov has met, head-on, the gargantuan task of keeping a legacy alive while comfortably and ably expressing his own individuality. As the co-leader of the Mingus Big Band, originally formed by Charles Mingus’s widow Sue Graham Mingus after the bassist’s demise in 1979, his music and musical direction stand beautifully tall. The winner of... Continue Reading →

Nouveau Vaudeville: Meet the Seavers

Taking a page from turn-of-last-century entertainers who used humor, pratfalls and jaunty music, today’s Meet the Seavers is a combo of all that plus spice, verve and sting. Comprised of married couple Jace and Dorothy Seavers, the act is not all shtick. The genuinely gifted musicians – he on upright bass/vocals, she with vocals –... Continue Reading →

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