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Throw a Look Behind Your Shoulder – Channeling Mancini et al. with Gabe Pope

Combine the smoothness of a dry martini with a slightly musky cologne and a starched collar: riffing off the vibe of Mancini and others makes Gabe Pope’s new album “Cool Composure” some welcomed time travel. He’s created music that feels... Continue Reading →

Skyward, Gently, with “Into the Light” from Amanda Addleman

A song starts out and you’re totally open, ready to get your mind around the rhythm of it, the main tune of it, and soon after, to identify where the harmonies lie and where the other textures will start to... Continue Reading →

Trills, Thrills and A Heart’s Purpose – The Music of Dan Siegel

Hard-hitting drums set the stage for the song “Rite of Passage” where a bluesy piano lead from Dan Siegel sets free a scintillating melody. Shifting direction and changing key, the guitar keeps a rich, concentrated groove; the bridge takes a... Continue Reading →

Hard-Bop Noir from The Michael Lauren All Stars

Lush horn work and harmonies make the Michael Lauren All Stars’ “Once Upon a Time in Portugal” swing and sway. The vibes provide smooth, round stones of notes followed by a light, joyous beat from Michael on percussion, making this... Continue Reading →

Rising to Mountaintops – Jazz Talk with Elon Turgeman

The twin opening chords of “It Plays By Itself” establishes the groove and funk that Israeli guitar master Elon Turgeman is known for. With vibrant color reminiscent of chimes and an uplifting, echo chamber-like quality, the song drives to his... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ Fusion From Day One – a Chat with Jeff Lorber

Although he’s not the father of jazz fusion, he’s very possibly the earliest and longest torchbearer of it - adding smooth, funk and trad jazz elements. Jeff Lorber’s performances for decades show the man remains full of energy and engages... Continue Reading →

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