Thrumming and Luminous: Music from Ximo Tebar

Hang on by your fingertips, the ride’s going to be stirring and wild. On his latest CD called “Con Alma & United,” guitarist Ximo Tebar infuses a Mediterranean adobo into much-loved classics like “Take Five” with precise, lightning-fast fingerwork. Tebar sails along with a generous groove on “Poinciana” that features shining vocals and a Latin... Continue Reading →

As Sugar Crystals Form into Notes

Operatic training from ages 12-17 gave her the platform to sing correctly without damaging her voice, and now Andrea Miller is singing sultry torch songs at clubs and festivals all around the country. Her newest CD, Maybe Today, is musical alchemy, artfully blending her talents with those of pianist and songwriter Michael Cunningham. You always... Continue Reading →

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