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Jazz as Connective Tissue with Vocalist Paul Jost

Telling the audience of his pain, love, joy and optimism comes naturally to singer/songwriter Paul Jost. His method of conveying emotion is personal and gut-based. Take his new CD “Simple Life,” named for the introspective philosophy many of us build... Continue Reading →

A Lilt, a Bounce and the Smooth Simplicity of Nicole Zuraitis

Nicole Zuraitis caresses notes, bends them to blue, and keeps it gauzy and breathable: this is the new CD “Hive Mind” by the New York City songwriter-pianist. Her syncopation sizzles in “The Inscription” and the keys burn up while getting... Continue Reading →

Do the Math: “Plus One” Adds up to Big, Bold, Beautiful – with Dan Pugach

The sun beats down hard and hot on a busy street in Brooklyn as a fair with crazy energy injects music into everybody within earshot. This is the feel captured by “Brooklyn Blues” on the recent CD called "Plus One"... Continue Reading →

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