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Enchantment Attained in First CD by Nick Grondin Group

A faculty recording grant at Berklee College of Music was the impetus for an album that jazz artist Nick Grondin says has been a decade in the making. Called “A View of Earth,” it’s the debut CD of the Nick... Continue Reading →

A True Leader Lets the Light In: Ariel Glassman Big Band

Taking a page from big band’s heyday and running full throttle with it takes courage and strength. Both are apparent when listening to Ms. Ariel Glassman’s Big Band, whose full, soaring sound immediately tells the listener that he or she... Continue Reading →

Package Full of Sun: “Keep Movin’” from James Martin

Which comes out on top: James Martin’s vocals or his presence on the tenor sax? Hard to say, because on his latest offering “Keep Movin’” he can slot himself in with any musical POV and create jazz with an immersive... Continue Reading →

Homage to a Friend: Noah Preminger Tips His Hat to Composer Steve Lampert PART 1 of 2

The new release on October 4 of “Zigsaw: Music of Steve Lampert” is the 14th album by tenor sax player Noah Preminger (pictured above) but the first wholly devoted to and inspired by his friend, composer and trumpet player Steve... Continue Reading →

Sammy Stein Grabs the Mic with the New Book WOMEN IN JAZZ

The upcoming book release of Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & Their Fight by author Sammy Stein is a musical melange of the struggles and triumphs of iconic jazz masters as well as the lesser-known women in this... Continue Reading →

Powerhouse Vocals from Deb Bowman Give Us a “Fast Heart”

It’s a myth that the human heart has a finite number of beats. This is stellar news because it gives us lots of time to enjoy Deb Bowman’s new release “Fast Heart.” Inspired by a long-ago love affair and dedicated... Continue Reading →

J-pop Star Senri Oe Makes Death-Defying Hairpin Turn into Jazz

The very first jazz release from former Japanese pop star Senri Oe is called “HMMM” and it is with this humorous introspection that one can regard the new direction he’s enthusiastically embraced. The CD comes out September 20 on PND... Continue Reading →

Hi-Hats and High Spirit from Drummer Cecilia Sanchietti

Cecilia Sanchietti has a sweet, light, airy touch on drums, but don’t mistake that for meekness. She rolls and shimmers, painting with a full palette of colors on a multitude of recordings and performances. Having collaborated with a Nigerian choir... Continue Reading →

Folkloric Fusion Celebrates Womanhood: AJO’s New Release

Tribal, visceral and trance-like, the new release “Besa” by composer and musician AJO (formerly Vjollca Robelli) has its roots in her family’s lineage as well as the politics of being female. The folkloric feel of this album is no accident.... Continue Reading →

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