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Tenor Tenacity with Peter Sparacino

Versatile, musically immersed and bursting with a backlog of material yet to be released, tenor sax player Peter Sparacino says it’s because he came late to the party. His incredibly productive catch-up scheme has him in two ensembles: one, called... Continue Reading →

The Baddest of the Bass Clarinets: A New Trilogy from Paul Austerlitz

Tonal lows that shake the earth below your feet emerge when Finnish-born bass clarinetist Paul Austerlitz breathes jazz into his instruments. With “Water Prayers” (the first CD of his world-music-inspired trilogy) just out, Austerlitz creates wicked good music that is... Continue Reading →

Defining the Look of Jazz: Author Graham Marsh on the Blue Note Phenomenon

With fonts that are chunky, designs that are funky and color palettes that are as striking as the harmonies within, the Blue Note-era album covers live on. Inspiring graphic designers from their midcentury debut onward, these iconic visuals were the... Continue Reading →

The Voice That Glows: Rachel Caswell

A bell-like clarity is the overriding quality in Rachel Caswell’s voice; we hear it especially when the instrumentalists pull back and leave her in the spotlight, like the song “Fragile” on her newest CD, “We’re All in the Dance.” She... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Promotion – Chris DiGirolamo from Two for the Show Media

What goes into choosing a music promoter; to entrusting a mere mortal to nurture and cherish your potential and turning it into exposure, a brand, a presence? Drummer Chris DiGirolamo listened to his calling to help jazz artists thirteen years... Continue Reading →

Angels We Have Heard In Jazz – Christmas Joy from Carol Nethen

A silky, laid-back “Silent Night” and a sky-bluesy “I Saw Three Ships” render the Christmas jazz genre in a whole new pastel-colored light thanks to the glowing arrangements of pianist/composer Carol Nethen on her CD “Christmas Carol.” Nethen’s original track,... Continue Reading →

Strings on Fire – Scott Tixier

The “Cosmic Adventure” that violinist Scott Tixier offers us on his newest CD hits right between the eyes with the artist’s versatility, grace and lack of inhibition. He infuses more than emotions, more than feelings, and employs incredible ease in... Continue Reading →

Interviewing Helen – Author of “The Lady Who Shot Lee Morgan” Pulls Back the Curtain

To consider jazz in a political and sociological light – even the history behind the term “jazz” itself (debatably pejorative) – is, to some, the only true context of the art form. It is at least one way to regard... Continue Reading →

A Panoply of Perspectives from Guitarist Jean Chaumont

With his new CD “The Beauty of Differences,” guitarist and front man Jean Chaumont has created something that fits his philosophy of using different lenses through which to experience and create music. Eschewing the concept of declaring a “favorite” this... Continue Reading →

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