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Reclaimed Swatches Spun to Gold – Mark Murphy’s New CD “Pocketful of Rainbows”

Something familiar yet from a different musical perspective, guitarist/vocalist Mark Murphy’s dreamy “Lay Lady Lay” (from the new CD “Pocketful of Rainbows”) is like a room filled with flowers; an enticing love song enhanced by a freshly punctuated beat. As... Continue Reading →

Mood Intimate in Kayo Hiraki’s CD “Manhattan Sunset”

Her hands flutter and dance on the keyboard, and you might as well be ensconced at a cozy table in the back corner of one of those bars that drips with atmosphere. Kayo Hiraki approaches the music with an ease... Continue Reading →

Trills, Thrills and A Heart’s Purpose – The Music of Dan Siegel

Hard-hitting drums set the stage for the song “Rite of Passage” where a bluesy piano lead from Dan Siegel sets free a scintillating melody. Shifting direction and changing key, the guitar keeps a rich, concentrated groove; the bridge takes a... Continue Reading →

Jazz Wraps Its Arms Around the World on Jazz de Ville Radio

Based in Rotterdam and streamed around the globe is an outstanding new four-channel music site that gives you freedom of choice. Jazz de Ville is headed by multi-talented DJ Maestro who did some hard-core sleuthing into the Blue Note catalogue... Continue Reading →

Stroll for Your Jazz at Westfield, NJ’s “Sweet Sounds Downtown”

The Downtown Westfield Corporation in northern New Jersey has been offering jazz al fresco going on 22 years. A showcase for blazing hot ensembles, the event draws thousands of music lovers to the hip downtown region. A sample of last... Continue Reading →

Zing Goes the Swing with the Septet “Nerija”

Your best intro to the seven-piece ensemble Nerija could be the full and brassy unity on the downbeat of “For You.” Trumpet gives a considered and melodious solo, backed expertly by at first electric guitar, then the whole band. Restating... Continue Reading →

In a Moment of Glory with Wycliffe Gordon

On this past February’s Jazz Cruise from Celebrity Cruise Lines, Wycliffe Gordon lead a passionate and spirited gospel set that was contagious and outrageous. The trombonist poured his heart and a whole lotta sweat equity into a full-stage ensemble performance.... Continue Reading →

Crisscrossing Tonality with Martin Archer

Time is marked by a strong third beat in each measure as the haunting voice of Julie Tippetts mood-paints in 2015's “Shiver Across the Soul.” She is accompanied by composer and melodic visionary Martin Archer, who creates an atmosphere of... Continue Reading →

Barry Finnerty Puts Balls to the Wall with “START: Warning, Contains Sex! Drugs! Jazz! Reality!”

Raw. Terse. Ripping the 1990s New York City music scene a new one. In his book “START: Warning, Contains Sex! Drugs! Jazz! Reality!” rock and jazz guitarist Barry Finnerty takes a long look back at the decadent and difficult times... Continue Reading →

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