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Romantic Immersion on new CD “Blue Cat” from Dimitri K

  Dimitri K has mastered – very easily, it seems – the smooth groove on piano and guitar. He proves his prowess with the new instrumental release “Blue Cat.” The song “I Saw Her” is the ultimate definition of romance,... Continue Reading →

Masterful Rivulets: The Andrew Rathbun Quintet

In “Character Study,” Canadian-born sax player (now stateside) Andrew Rathbun leads a serious quintet that cooks a multi-course meal and serves it jumping around, ladling mind-blowing flavors on every plate. While his lone sax thoughtfully breathes an undeniably gorgeous melody... Continue Reading →

Ben Paterson on Keys: Style and Tenderness

There is spark, spirit and affirmation in the music of Ben Paterson, whose command of piano and organ is an amazing treat for the ears. Jauntily upbeat, “I’m Old Fashioned” and the glissando-laced “Isn’t She Lovely” showcase Paterson’s sense of... Continue Reading →

Op Ed: Winter Jazz Fest

E.J. Decker sings out in a stunning baritone most of the time, but here he opines on the Winter Jazzfest that took place in New York City in early January. Promoters, organizers, future attendees: take note and take notes. Was... Continue Reading →

Living in the Smooth Corners with Sax Player/Vocalist Michael J. Thomas

The slickest groove possibly ever comes from an original song by Michael J. Thomas called “Baby Coffee.” Thomas croons into the sax, giving it a suggestive throatiness while positivity floats over the melody, making it like audio crack. The hyper-energetic... Continue Reading →

Balance, Color and Harmony in the Yaniv Taubenhouse Trio

Subtly sailing along in a way that elicits an all-over feel-goodism, the title track for Yaniv Taubenhouse’s new CD, “Perpetuation - Moments in Trio Volume 2,” glows like a welcomed candle in the dark. Taubenhouse (trained in several instruments but... Continue Reading →

Smashingly Excellent Timing – A Peek into Peter Kogan’s World

The academic teachings that go into the career of a symphony orchestra musician only whet Peter Kogan’s appetite for something much more freeing…like jazz. The former Assistant Principal of Timpani and Principal Percussion of the Pittsburgh Symphony has continued in... Continue Reading →

Reaching Deep Down: Saxophonist Lolo Irving

Against a backdrop of city sirens that open the piece “Blue Prelude” Lolo Irving springs into a high dive and hits her target with a sax that cries out with increasingly assertive statements. What a way to grab your face... Continue Reading →

Emotion Seeps Out of Singer/Songwriter Gaby Paul

There's a unique timbre to Gaby Paul’s voice that makes it hard to describe; rich and sweet but with layers of character, like burnt caramel. At its core is a titanium-strength midrange and depth, but it can easily shoot to... Continue Reading →

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