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Twin Telepathy is the Backbone of the Beat

The first word that comes to mind with the song “Shed” from The Maguire Twins is sophistication. With its complexity of rhythms that propel the central idea forward, this tune is the picture of stunning tonality and all-in communication among... Continue Reading →

You Hear Life In Her Voice – The Triumphs of Rhio

In the new CD “A Rhio Good Thing,” vocalist Rhio belts out songs strong and clear. Her style is direct, uplifting and tinged with taking no BS. Did you know the adored Latin song “No More Blues” has words? Rhio... Continue Reading →

A Mellow Flow – “Low Tide” by Blu Monsoon

Bright ’n’ breezy and wrapping its arms around you in a cool comforting hug is “Low Tide,” the newest EP from the Ohio-based smooth trio called Blu Monsoon. The title song is inviting and confident, totally with and for the... Continue Reading →

Get Your Crazy Feet Ready: Soggy Po’ Boys and the New Orleans Vibe

Named for an overstuffed Nawlins sandwich drenched in flavor and seasonings, the Soggy Po’ Boys are determined to bring the spunk and funk of ridiculously fun early-South music to wherever there are music lovers! Their latest foray is to the... Continue Reading →

Tonally and Totally Open with Drummer Sean Noonan

Just released June 1 is an oeuvre by self-proclaimed folklorist and drummer Sean Noonan, who is deeply moved by sounds and traditions of global cultures. “The Aqua Diva” is simultaneously melodic yet unsettling; rhythmic yet shifting in its time-perspective; and... Continue Reading →

All Roads Lead to “Interchange”: Floris Kappeyne Jazzes it Up

Pianist Floris Kappeyne has a hefty magic up his sleeves when he plays the opening notes to “Prelude;” the keys are under his spell and respond as multi-colored, acoustic ornaments. This is the first track of the 2017 debut CD... Continue Reading →

Exploration & Celebration Outside the Boundaries: Sasha Mashin

After an incredible drum solo by Sasha Mashin that opens the song “Sipiagin’s Mood,” the band takes off with a funky and boppy energy. Keys carve a groove; vocals lift the song higher; then a melodic and soul-searing trumpet takes... Continue Reading →

The Guitar as Painter’s Brush: “Portrait” with Tal Arditi

With a delicate touch, the first track of Tal Arditi’s debut album establishes the camaraderie between the ensemble who are really a few friends making music together. Arditi’s guitar sweetly rings out, the bass echoes the foundation of the tune... Continue Reading →

Plumbing the Silky Depths – Vocals with Nicolas Bearde

Picture-painting comes easily to Nicolas Bearde. Listening to “Lush Life,” for example, puts you in the center of the emotional agony of an out-of-grasp love. The ups and downs and mid-tones of Bearde’s vocal range are applied with authenticity; in... Continue Reading →

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