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Play Honestly. Be Kind. It’s Jam of the Week from Farnell Newton!

Indie and newbie musicians alike can flex their chops and get honest critiquing from their peers on a Facebook page devoted to jazz artists working their craft. Called “Jam of the Week” or JOTW, it’s run by trumpet player Farnell... Continue Reading →

Depth, Clarity and a Funny Little Thing Called “Manouche” – Dario Napoli’s “Joie de Vivre”

What Django Reinhardt started let no man (or woman) put asunder. Gypsy jazz (sometimes called “Manouche” after Django’s ethnic roots) is a hotbed of intensity recalling the vibe in clubs from 1930’s Paris that has come into its own with... Continue Reading →

Deer Head Inn: Host to Jazz Greats Since Forever in Delaware Water Gap, PA

The iconic image of your approach from Interstate 80 coming from New York City and going west is of the negative space between two massive mountains that form a backdrop behind the Delaware River. Delaware Water Gap – the first... Continue Reading →

Throw a Look Behind Your Shoulder – Channeling Mancini et al. with Gabe Pope

Combine the smoothness of a dry martini with a slightly musky cologne and a starched collar: riffing off the vibe of Mancini and others makes Gabe Pope’s new album “Cool Composure” some welcomed time travel. He’s created music that feels... Continue Reading →

Robin Phillips Resurfaces with “Re-Versed”

Robin Phillips (featured on this blog in 2018) once again delivers upbeat, fresh music even while re-visiting the past with his new album “Re-Versed.” The UK-based singer and pianist has selected some of the best jazz standards ever and adds... Continue Reading →

Jurisprudence Meets Music in “Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer” by Gary A. Rosen

Modern music has come a long way from the hand-illustrated sheet music and heavy shellac albums circa 1925. Our Jazz Age predecessors struggled no less than contemporary artists do concerning rights, permissions, “sampling” and myriad points of contention in protecting... Continue Reading →

A Feast for Now – “Flavors of Jazz” by Pianist Charles Williams

Charles Williams’s new CD “Flavors of Jazz” tingles on the taste buds and proves this pianist can swing for sure. A musician who loves arranging, he leads a trio and performs in several bands with that fat, big band feel... Continue Reading →

JOE LOVANO’s “Trio Tapestry” Marks New Journey with ECM Records

A sweet, thick layer of sax goes a long way over many years, and Joe Lovano and his tenor have trekked mountains, cities and countrysides. Recently he’s found himself at ECM Records with his newest work, “Trio Tapestry,” where there... Continue Reading →

Honey from the Horn – with Erik Truffaz

He has a golden touch with pure tone and is one of those musicians who gets a point across with sweetness and light. Erik Truffaz’s music provides crystal clarity in a happy place. The common thread throughout his discography is... Continue Reading →

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