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“Future Jazz” About to Explode on Detroit Scene

The next thing in the marriage of funk and jazz is coming via Detroit. With a rich and well-storied musical legacy, Detroit has one of its original Motown recording studios still in operation. A class trip to Detroit inspired David... Continue Reading →

Wrapped in Sweet Vocalissimo

Go to pianist/vocalist Franck Amsallem’s web page and you are immediately met with syncopation and style as he swings on “Never Will I Marry” against the richness of high-contrast black and white photography. A silky style with phrasing that is... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of a Clear, Jewel-Toned Voice, with Emma Larsson

Boppy, hip and with perfect bouncy phrasing, this is “Watch My Garden Grow” as Emma Larsson performed it at NYC’s Blue Note. Each phrase is given thoughtful respect with a storyteller’s grace. Accompanied by top-notch musicians who play deep and... Continue Reading →

Salsa Con Espiritu from Erben Perez

The bassist for Marc Anthony’s band – Mr. Erben Perez – is a cool dude who has more up his sleeve than meets the eye. Groomed on rock and R&B, a friend got him listening to salsa. Serendipity nodded her... Continue Reading →

Terell Stafford: Brightly Optimistic for the Future of Jazz

A "moment between gigs" for trumpet and maestro Terell Stafford means catching him on the heels of opening for the TD James Moody Jazz Festival at New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts and then, almost immediately, getting ready to... Continue Reading →

New York Poet on a Tenor

Warm, honey tones come dancing out of Adam Larson’s tenor sax as he plays the main melody line of “Out the Window.” He has an ease with the instrument and conveys his beliefs confidently through it, whether expressing himself lyrically... Continue Reading →

Thumper’s Move ‘n’ Groove Raises Awareness for Domestic Abuse Victims

The sultry, silky funk from one-man-band Thumper Samuels at United4Love Entertainment sure brings the blood pressure way down. Versed in tenor sax, drum, guitar and upright bass – and learning string instruments like violin and cello – this Omaha-based musician... Continue Reading →

Jazz-O-Funk Through a Lyrical Horn with Preston Smith

The joy is bold and evident when Preston Smith plays the catchy trumpet run that forms the hook of “Meatballin.’” Describing his style as highly influenced by funk, the spirit is brilliant and indescribably danceworthy. When did you become interested... Continue Reading →

Songs that Penetrate the Heart and Stay There

Maria Schafer’s debut vocal album “To Know Love…” comes out in January, 2018. Written in an astounding five weeks squeezed between road performances with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the new album is mindful of all the types of love we... Continue Reading →

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