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Jazzabilly – Where Kalen Henry Meets Nat King Cole

Fledgling jazz artist Kalen Henry gives fresh and unique voicings to the classics by the unforgettable Nat King Cole. With a new CD called “Not Forgotten,” each track is hand-picked to show her colorful range and innate sense of timing.... Continue Reading →

A Tenor in New Places – The Moves & Grooves of Ivan Baryshnikov

From Moscow to the Netherlands to New York City, Ivan Baryshnikov has embraced travel as a way to expand his repertoire and new ways of thinking about music. On the new CD “Journey” from his quartet, the song “Beehive” is... Continue Reading →

The Sun Peeks Through It – Music by Victor Samalot

Bounce and spirit fit together like a jigsaw puzzle on guitarist Victor Samalot’s new CD, “Esperanza.” Under his skilled fingertips, the strings sing with a richness; notes are light on their feet and the pulse glides forward. The song “Café... Continue Reading →

MV on the Verge of Jazz from Within

In “Enjoy the Silence,” vocalist MV (Marie-Veronique) of MV Jazz is paired with two guitarists who create lovely, folk-inspired music. Though MV sings with a social conscience, her phrasing also glistens with a jazz sensibility. One prime example is “Why... Continue Reading →

As the Compass Spins: Multi-Directional Jazz with Viktor Haraszti

A newly released project that delivers the jazz experience from every conceivable angle – literally – is what Viktor Haraszti calls "jazz meets virtual reality." He has publicly launched the platform, ViO 360, with his first song “Haiku,” inspired by... Continue Reading →

Deb’s First Liner Notes

The jazz blog that’s consumed my life for almost two years thus far has gotten me some fascinating opportunities and made for some amazing connections. The latest of these is a request from a Brooklyn-based sax musician to write the... Continue Reading →

Pouring Honey Through the Notes – Christian Artmann on Flute

A spinning globe of sound breathing through each other, the quartet fronted by flautist Christian Artmann brings the listener through lush and multicolored places. In May they released the CD “Our Story” that has a chapter for anybody who appreciates... Continue Reading →

Tune In, Hang On, and Get Tiny – with Jungsu Choi’s Tiny Orkester

Dare yourself to take your first listen to leader Jungsu Choi’s “What if Ellington Didn’t Take the A Train” without any sampling or YouTube prepping beforehand. Seriously, just jump in. Immediately you’ll find yourself questioning whether you’re bearing witness to... Continue Reading →

Let the Story Breathe – Passion in the Pipes with Tiffany Austin

With a heroic grasp of both the struggles and triumphs of this life, jazz artist Tiffany Austin jumps in, both feet, with her new CD titled “Unbroken.” Her voice, not merely an instrument consisting of throat and lungs but of... Continue Reading →

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