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Tasty Jazz Jams for Our Times

Just released! An exploration of the indies and the icons of the jazz community in a compilation of interviews with amazing musicians around the globe. Please check it out and post a review here if you are so inclined.... Continue Reading →

Everything Looks Like a Hammer?

When you’re pianist Neil Alexander and your band is named NAIL, you’ve already got a sense of irony. Playful, raw and energetic, NAIL’s music defies category. There's jazz influences, fusion, funk and more. Being tender is not foreign territory either:... Continue Reading →

Nikolai Teich Embraces the Language of American Jazz and Gives Something Back in Return

With sensitivity and poise, Nikolai Teich (originally from Austria and Bulgaria) shapes and releases his moods through the piano. Snippets of coloration from his roots leak through, employing minor keys with micro/halftone flourishes to evoke primeval folk dances; but just... Continue Reading →

Giving Voice to Seraphim – Pianist Silvio Caroli

Silvio Caroli is a pianist and teacher of jazz, and while his students might enjoy his accessibility and wonderful personality, they are extraordinarily fortunate to be learning music from one of the best. Caroli’s intense lyricism, fully absorbed pacing and... Continue Reading →

Joe Policastro Trio Mixes Covers and Originals with Attitude: “Nothing Here Belongs”

Loving those mid-range tones from guitar and high-hat highs in the track “No Idea” from the Joe Policastro Trio; but there’s also something refreshing in bassist Policastro’s prominent, melodic noodlings that gives the upright a much-deserved seat at the table.... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Tips for Playing Jazz on Piano and Keys

Jazz embraces everything a piano has to offer. It combines interesting chord harmonies, rhythms, and allows total creative freedom. While this might sound liberating, it can be overwhelming especially if you are just starting out. Fortunately, if you are really... Continue Reading →

“Imperfect Solo” by Steven Boykey Sidley Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Meyer (we only learn his first name deeper into the book) is filled with dread…and jazz. A modern, midlife anti-hero who has a complicated, messed-up family situation, Meyer (a divorced alto sax musician) grapples with the meaning of life while... Continue Reading →

To New Orbits with Saucy Lady – “SUPANOVA”

The funk sizzles out of the stratosphere with Noe Carmichael, AKA Saucy Lady. Her latest LP SUPANOVA mashes funk, hip hop, nu disco and more, bending genres into high-octane dance beats while keeping a jazz backbone. The title track “Supanova”... Continue Reading →

“Cristo Redentor” and How I Dug Deep Thanks to Donald Byrd

There are many versions of this song but Byrd's is, I think, the benchmark. From his assertive entrance to a wide and sweet sostenuto; from the soaring, spaghetti Western vocals to the shimmering keys - this song puts me in... Continue Reading →

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