Released July 1, 2018!


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A Story of Love, Lust & Jazz 


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Glissando is fun and feels very real. Ms. Burke knows her stuff.” – Michael Levin, New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Business Ghost Inc.

“A supreme jazz love story that swings with a deep appreciation for the music and its practitioners.”  –  Lezlie Harrison, vocalist and radio announcer at WBGO-FM

“A sparkling and authentic love story full of heart, joy and surprise. Ms. Burke artfully layers passion and pain until the very last page.” – Bianca Rossini, singer/songwriter

“Debbie Burke has penned a great story. I couldn’t help but smile when reading about cool, suave trumpeter Vince who liked his coffee with a twist. No doubt, Glissando brings jazz and romance with many turns along the way. Excellent read!” – Maurice Johnson, American jazz artist

“Dramatic. Arousing. Realistic.  Unpredictable. Debbie Burke has a way with words. She breathes life into them and creates a masterpiece. Her storytelling teases curiosity and leaves you wanting more.” – Char McAllister, singer/songwriter

“I cannot put Glissando down! In this lovely book about love, lust, and jazz, Deb Burke has created a world and characters that are engaging, witty, and relatable. I love Ellie; she proves that a middle-aged woman can have a rich inner life as well as lust, which we usually only attribute to the young. Burke’s knowledge of jazz also shines through in this novel. Pick this one up and don’t put it down until you’re through. You won’t be sorry!” –   Brooke Fredericksen, editor

“Whomever Ellie chooses, we’re all rooting for her!” – Bob Andelman, co-author, The Consulate 

“Thoroughly entertaining and engrossing. Wonderful characters, especially the witty, sharp-tongued narrator.” – Dr. Cheryl Feldmann, psychologist 

“Debbie Burke knows how to balance the humorous with the serious sides of relationships. Once you start, it will be difficult to put this book down.” – Aziza Miller, singer/songwriter

“I was more than a touch envious of Ellie, a funny, feisty woman with an undeniable passion for life who knows who she is and is not afraid to take risks for what she wants, whether it is a change of career in an exciting new city or steamy encounters with a man who might (or might not) ultimately be meant for her.” – Cynthia Pierce, owner, Café Yuzu/Yuzu Patisserie

“We’ve all experienced those moments where we fell into the desires of human attraction. In this book those emotions come out so strongly that they take you back to a place where you had that secret crush or infatuation with that special somebody. This book is sexy and true-to-life for musicians everywhere! The more you read, the more anxious you become to get to the next chapter. A must-have for your book collection!” – Kea Michaels, soul/jazz recording artist

“Debbie Burke takes us on a playful romp of jazz infused love and romance in Glissando –  A Story of Love, Lust and Jazz.  The author captures the excitement and anguish of the pursuit of a second act in life.  Deb has a talent for using language to create subtle innuendo to make this novel an engaging read with a glimpse into the hearts of the characters.”  – Gaetan Giannini, author, Marketing Public Relations: A Marketer’s Approach to Public Relations and Social Media

“This jazzy read creates a sense of fun, mystery, and sensuality from the very beginning. The rhythm of the read kept me turning the pages to the beat. The characters are real, accessible, and sexy.  Great fun, great read.” – Jeff Miller, President/CEO Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance

“Smoothly written and fast-moving. Burke paints true-to-life characters in an intriguing saga of modern life and perils.” – Cheryl Melnick, Teachers’ Book Club