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Pouring Honey Through the Notes – Christian Artmann on Flute

A spinning globe of sound breathing through each other, the quartet fronted by flautist Christian Artmann brings the listener through lush and multicolored places. In May they released the CD “Our Story” that has a chapter for anybody who appreciates... Continue Reading →

Tune In, Hang On, and Get Tiny – with Jungsu Choi’s Tiny Orkester

Dare yourself to take your first listen to leader Jungsu Choi’s “What if Ellington Didn’t Take the A Train” without any sampling or YouTube prepping beforehand. Seriously, just jump in. Immediately you’ll find yourself questioning whether you’re bearing witness to... Continue Reading →

Let the Story Breathe – Passion in the Pipes with Tiffany Austin

With a heroic grasp of both the struggles and triumphs of this life, jazz artist Tiffany Austin jumps in, both feet, with her new CD titled “Unbroken.” Her voice, not merely an instrument consisting of throat and lungs but of... Continue Reading →

Illuminating the Keyboard: Jocelyn Michelle Rules the Hammond

The shimmering sound of Jocelyn Michelle on Hammond organ pours out deep-blue funk on her newest album “Live at Viva Cantina!” While the intro of “Sylvia’s Song” features a warm, edgy sax, Jocelyn Michelle’s organ solo is the stuff that... Continue Reading →

Bounce, Jive and Funk with Chloe Clark

With ease and style, singer Chloe Clark of South Africa can belt out song, tell a story and tug on the heartstrings all at the same time. Her new CD, “She Encountered Wonderland,” was launched this month, which is International... Continue Reading →

Thrumming and Luminous: Music from Ximo Tebar

Hang on by your fingertips, the ride’s going to be stirring and wild. On his latest CD called “Con Alma & United,” guitarist Ximo Tebar infuses a Mediterranean adobo into much-loved classics like “Take Five” with precise, lightning-fast fingerwork. Tebar... Continue Reading →

Standing Up for Jazz – About the Promoters

Readers might wonder where I learn about the jazz artists to feature here. I'm going to split the credit: sometimes, it’s somebody who is referred to me by another musician I’ve already interviewed, or I come across some amazing jazz... Continue Reading →

Snazzy Moods on Ryan Meagher’s New CD

The title track of the new Ryan Meagher [pronounced MARR] CD “Lost Days” skips along with heart and a sense of fun. When Meagher’s guitar enters, the song suddenly has sass and edge. The reverb momentarily becomes the focal point,... Continue Reading →

Taming the Bass with TLC – Martin Nevin’s New CD “Tenderness is Silent”

A musician with an impressionist’s touch, Martin Nevin is a bass player with heart, patience and the ability to spin beauty out of thin air. His new CD, “Tenderness is Silent,” has a touch of melancholy with a quietly building... Continue Reading →

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