Debbie Burke

Yeah, that’s me; first chair of the second violins in junior high.

I grew up in Brooklyn. I was raised on classical music but fell in love with jazz the first time I heard Coltrane’s soulful “Once in a While.” In my early 20’s, I studied alto saxophone at The New School for Social Research in New York City.

After meeting my husband and raising a family, I returned to music and for many years played in a jazz band. When I moved to northeastern Pennsylvania, I was thrilled to find a thriving jazz community. This became the inspiration for my first book, The Poconos in B Flat.

In between rehearsals and concerts, I’ve built a career in communications: print production, advertising, marketing, the news media and magazine publishing. I’ve written hundreds of columns and articles, and was the editor of an award-winning business journal as well as of a regional lifestyle publication. I am currently the director of editorial at Waldorf Publishing.

I contribute to the blog at Jamey Aebersold Jazz at and write articles on various jazzy topics for

NEWEST RELEASE: Glissando: A Story of Love, Lust and Jazz (Waldorf Publishing), is now available through Amazon, B&N, Waldorf and many other online sellers. At the wholesale level, GLISSANDO is available through the distributors Ingram as well as Baker & Taylor.

WORKS IN PROGRESS: I’m working on a mystery about jazz in the American South at the turn of last century.

I’m working on a blog compilation with extra, surprise content. This is scheduled for release in May  2019.

I’m co-authoring a book about the economic resurgence of an urban center that will be out in the fall of 2019 (Waldorf Publishing).

Stay tuned for updates!

I’m available for media interviews on jazz, writing, and book publishing. Contact info follows below.

Thanks and stay jazzy!

~~ Debbie



Twitter: @jazzauthor

Facebook: DebbieBurkejazzauthor

Amazon author page: debbieburke_jazzauthor


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