Michael Lauren Trio’s New CD “Live at Mobydick Records”

Something new from drummer/composer Michael Lauren coming April 29, all the way from Braga, Portugal: a CD called “Live at Mobydick Records.”

The live album was recorded with his trio (guitar, bass and drums). The track “Biji” is brisk and bright; “Ritual Do Cabrito” has a dense noir feel dominated by a hearty guitar and “Looking Back at Life” has space, air and a meandering demeanor that turns into a slow, sultry shuffle.

“I call the music ‘Jazz with an Attitude’ and the style I call ‘Beyond Jazz.’ It’s a live recording that was pulled from a worldwide livestream concert. I produced this record to be a jazz album with a rock ’n’ roll sound: big, fat, hard-hitting and ballsy! It’s fresh music that is direct, organic and exciting.”

For more information visit https://www.michael-lauren.com/ and http://www.mobydickrecords.com/.

Photo courtesy of and with permission of the artist.

© 2022 Debbie Burke

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