Twists, Turns and Funk Spill Out in Big Brooklyn’s Latest “Everyone Everywhere”

Nine new tracks from Big Brooklyn show the light peeking through after lockdown and two difficult years for all of us. “Everyone Everywhere” is the CD that invites us to restore music to its rightful place in our lives. The song “Send it to Me” rolls right along with a tight hook and lots of positive motion; “A Little Faded” is that thoughtful, multicolored shuffle that gives space and perspective into our universal journey; and “Rewind Yourself” is a refreshing, brisk walk into the sun. [NOTE: Full band interview can be found here.]

Says multi-clarinetist and leader Melody Dornfeld:

“We love getting to share music with people! With so much on hold during COVID, we had more bandwidth to compose and really enjoyed the chance to get together with the band regularly to work on new material. We made a goal early on to record another album. It was time. There is a lot of variety and mix of styles from one song to another, which is in line with our musical influences. Some new deeper compositions emerged as well. A number of songs were written to tell a story, while others started with a groove. It was exciting to get all of the songs completed, rehearsed, and into the studio. The time in the studio was really special. This is the second album we have recorded with Colin Bricker, and both times have had so many highlights with the band, pouring everything into playing, working with Colin, and just enjoying hanging out together. We love how the album captures the new sounds and ways we have progressed as a band in songwriting and playing together. There is also a sincerity and passion that are captured in the music. Excited to share with others!”

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Photos courtesy of and with permission of the artist.

© 2022 Debbie Burke

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