“Tasty Jazz Jams for Our Times Vol. 2” is out!

Just released: “Tasty Jazz Jams for Our Times/Vol. 2” which features the best and the brightest on the global jazz scene today. With a foreword from jazz fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber and a special note from New York City singer/songwriter/author Grace Garland, the book packs more than forty jazz artists in its pages. A quick glimpse of the table of contents will show you the treats to come in interviews with Ron Carter, Mimi Fox, Dave Stryker, Harvie S, Joe Lovano, Roxy Coss, Casey Heyo, David Howard, Gediminas Karkauskas, Giveton Gelin and so many others. Includes photos of each artist. Now on Amazon at https://amzn.to/32j9Mau.

Every once so not so often, someone gets musicians to talk their music on the wing and let the language fly as it may. Debbie Burke has that gift free-handed and in plenty, and offers it repeatedly to you here. And she talks to the most unexpected people! And lets some fresh and unexpected air and light in. Can’t beat that and shouldn’t try. Enjoy. Live. Learn.

Rafi Zabor, Author, The Bear Comes Home

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