The Hangout is CHILL – Wilfred Nenja Frelix’s Sound Abounds

Guitarist Wilfred Nenja Frelix takes a background of funk, R&B, jazz and soul and has come up with his own personal sonic imprint. Groove-driven with a prominent beat, his latest single “With You” features the silky vocals of Sophia Janelle Taylor. Other singles include the energetic, feel-good “Lil George” and “Unity” where the sax gives a total smack-down and the spoken word will have you spelling out U-N-I-T-Y all day.

When and why did you start guitar?

I was nine years old. There was a man on my paper route who played very skillfully and would let me listen to him.

How do you feel the guitar speaks through you!

A spiritual and emotional connection to the transference of physical sound.

What was your first introduction to smooth jazz?

The Crusaders.

What was your first public performance ever?

South Middle School talent show called “Your Gifting Will Move People!”

Where did you receive your musical training?

Self-assisted in middle high school classes!

Was it a leap of faith to decide on music as a career?

No, I was groomed into the craft.

Talk about your work with Ready for the World; the personnel; and what your overall mission is.

Touring guitarist, vocalist fill-in for Gordon Strozier. Personally hand-picked great bunch of guys. A long history. Thankful to be able to reach and comfort everyone who hears me perform or hears my records.

How would you describe your vibe?

An eclectic blend of soulful Jazz, funky hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B and Spanish grooves.

How do your singles differ in the feelings you put out, and is there an overall theme to your music?

The singles are directed towards commercial radio response music, while the overall album, yes, I like to make emotional binding connections. If you’ve never traveled, this music will take you mentally away.

What are the challenges in being an indie, and especially now in the time of COVID?

Having to wear many different job titles, learning all the correct licensing copyrights, trademark info, to be recognized world-wide; also collaborations, spacing issues from contaminating each other during recording. Owning m own studio, total independence and production quality and time-sensitive material releases.

What are you proudest of in your career?

Being recognized and considered for the 63rd Grammy nomination for the Song of the Year “UNITY”!

Talk about one of your favorite collabs.

The song “With You” featuring Sophia Janell. The capturing of crazy, emotional feelings musically and vocally.

What drove the decision to build and manage your own recording studio, and how has it helped you realize your dream?

Owning the master recording! All revenues point back to me owning the recorded produced written and arrangements and performances. Those properties formulate success in this business.

Do you think music is a universal healer?

Absolutely therapeutic!

What do you feel you offer to listeners?

Peace, tranquility, spiritual ease, mentally comforting, and escape.

Current projects?

“TIME” Released 6-20-2020

Plans for 2021 (with your music)?

Collaborating And Touring!

Other comments?

Would like to thank you for the consideration to add me to your distinguished list of blogged musicians.

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Photos courtesy of and with permission of the artist.

(c) 2020 Debbie Burke

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