A New Solution for Musicians: Custom Design Ligatures from Sax Funkman Gen Sax

The fussy ligature for today’s sax and clarinet musicians has had its day in the sun. It looks like a fairly obvious solution, but a ring-style ligature that hugs the reed to the mouthpiece is looking to replace the traditional knobbed metal fixture. Newly launched, the Gen Sax mouthpiece was devised by sax player Gen Sax who has an impressive resume on the jazz scene with greats like Quincy Jones and Dave Koz.

It’s the marriage of necessity, curiosity and helping his fellow instrumentalists sound better which resulted in a practical solution that has a sleek and unique design. [NOTE: I have ordered one and will add my review in this space.]

When did you start playing sax?

Age 14.

Did you struggle with the traditional ligature or have you always thought it was inadequate for musicians who wanted a beautiful tone? 

I have always been curious and I’ve experimented with different materials, their acoustic properties and how they affect the sound of sax or clarinet in general. After trying different possibilities in different metals and seeing how they interacted with the sax and clarinet mouthpieces, I realized that certain type of metals and the weight itself of the ligatures definitely affect the sound positively.

Our GenSax ligatures result in definitive sound differences when compared against the traditional two-screw ligatures. If musicians are curious and want to step up their unique sound then yes, our GenSax ligatures will provide that final touch 🙂

Do you hold a patent for it?

Yes, the patent is pending.

How does it help the musician’s tone? Is it because of how it fits on the mouthpiece or its material or something else?

Our ring ligatures are made from different metal alloys pure brass, stainless steel, or a mix of brass and steel. The GENSAX handcrafted saxophone ring ligatures distribute an even pressure only at the top of the mouthpiece and the reed itself, without blocking or muting the natural vibration of the reed and the body of the hard rubber mouthpiece. 

GENSAX Ring Ligatures create a firm pressure over the reed ensuring no air licks. 

Interaction between two materials as hard rubber and different metal alloys spark more harmonics in the horn when the reed and mouthpiece setup is right. 

What materials produce what types of tones?

Bronze Ligatures have a more rounded, fatter tone, easy to control and good for articulation; good for jazz. With classical music it depends on the reed.

Steel and similar alloy ring ligatures sound-wise behave a little beat different – I can say that they perhaps tend to focus the sound and that suits those sax players who play more contemporary music, pop, rock and R&B.

What are the reactions from musicians on this product?

Our ligatures are designed definitely for professional sax players. Usually, personal experience tells everything. You need to try our ligatures and feel the difference. 

How much interest has there been in the ligature and why do you think people love it?

Our company just began this year. There are few reviews from different pro sax players that we constantly post on our official website, Instagram, or Facebook pages. As for now everything that I have expressed in regards to sound quality or quality in has been confirmed by our followers and horn players who have tried our products. 

How long have you been a professional musician?

For 25 years. 

Highlights of your career thus far?

I’m a Russian-American saxophone player, composer and producer who has performed, collaborated live and in studio in different projects worldwide with renowned musicians and important figures such as Quincy Jones, Tony Robbins, Multi-Grammy Composer & Singer Jon Secada, Latin pop rock star Gian Marco, Sheila E, Award-Winning smooth jazz sax player Dave Koz, jazz legend Herbie Hancock, drum legend Alex Acuna, saxophone player Hanz Dulfer (Holland), Sergei Chipenko – Trans-Atlantic Band (Russia), Telemundo, Univision and NBC.

I consider myself the Visionary Gen Sax who moves freely from jazz to rock, pop, soul, funk, and R&B as well to the Latin, Brazilian and contemporary music as a performer and composer. I lend my talents to many up-and-coming artists, musicians, and filmmakers worldwide.

For more information visit www.buygensax.com. Instagram: @gensax_saxophone_ligatures

Photos courtesy of and with permission of Gen Sax

(c) 2020 Debbie Burke

New jazz novel by Debbie Burke

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