The Chef Is In: “Café Dynamite” Sizzles

Gypsy Dynamite CD cover

Honoring Django’s spirit of unbridled joy that bubbles with optimism, the new CD “Café Dynamite” from Filippo Dall’Asta and Giulio Romano Malaisi [of the band Gypsy Dynamite, which has several iterations: duo, trio, quartet and quintet] is a worthy addition to the genre. While “Parisian Avenue” is smartly infused with shades of mystery in its slower tempo and chordal meanderings, “After Vera” blends unexpected harmonies and twists its way upward. Technical perfection is not without soul and folksiness (“Mocheville”) and the minor-to-major waltz “Stray Cat” defines inventiveness.

“Café Dynamite” is a fresh, hot bowl of soup with all kinds o’ seasonings.

What was the inspiration behind your new release “Café Dynamite”?

We had planned to release an original album for a long time as we were writing and composing together. We just had to wait for the right time and for all the tunes to be as perfect as we could make them.

We met in 2012 and played around 200 gigs a year since then. The inspiration behind the album is all the friendship and music that we have shared in the last eight years.

What’s your own interpretation of the genre, and how does each track stand on its own?

We do use many interesting sonorities that somehow seem to be new and yet blend very well with the original sound of the genre; and on top of that we do think that musically each track is different from each other. We also come from different music backgrounds which has made the whole process over the years very interesting and inspiring.

The music is of course rooted in Gypsy jazz but also features bebop, Latin and Mediterranean melodies.

Do you both compose? How long did it take to write the 10 tracks?

Yes, we do. It took us about four to five years to have the tunes ready and most importantly to select the ideas that we thought stood out the most.

Vocals are not too common in Gypsy jazz, right?

We felt that the track “Laugh Often” had something catchier compared to the other tunes and that also gave us the chance to feature the singers we normally work with.

Dom Durner, the male vocalist on the track, wrote the lyrics to the tune. We like them a lot!

Do you feel your music makes a statement?

The album is a work of the heart that could bring people, who may not have known about the genre, closer to it.

How do you see this album as the next evolution of your music?

This is massive progress for us as composers and musicians. We achieved good results in our playing and in communicating musically. This is our first album of original music, hence a very important step for us!

Are you performing in clubs yet?

Not yet, due to the pandemic, but we have our album launch gig planned on October 22nd at Crazy Coqs (Brasserie Zédel) in London. We can’t wait to play live again!

How have you pivoted in these times to get your music out there?

Unfortunately, it’s been tough for us as much as it was for our colleagues but we’ve managed to keep up physically and mentally. The good thing about releasing an album now is that we can make an impact and share our music with the public without having to play live!

We hope you enjoy “Cafe Dynamite”!

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Photos courtesy of and with permission from Gypsy Dynamite.
(c) Debbie Burke 2020


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