Channeling Chopin: The Yellow Wallpaper

Carol Nethen Yellow Wallpaper

Composer, arranger and jazz vocalist Carol Nethen brilliantly invokes her classical Muse and conjures up clouds of ether and mystery with her accompaniment to a Victorian era work titled “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Just re-released by The Spencer Library, the project creatively pairs fine literature with what amounts to sonic poetry. Taking the time to explore rich chords, amazingly rendered moods and negative space, Nethen adds a stunning layer of unease to the tale. 

“It’s an eerie story. I composed it like a film score and was inspired to write à la Chopin as if the woman also played piano. I simply imagined what she might play. As she describes the winding, twisting patterns of the wallpaper, so go the melodies.”

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Photos courtesy of Carol West.

(c) Debbie Burke 2020

COATNEY 6x9 front cover FINAL

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  1. Debbie Burke, Many thanks!

    The Spencer Library is offering this download for free until May 15, 2020. Please go to and enter: freeclassic when checking out to receive your free digital download.

    Some scores are created by energy, discipline and craft. For me, this score was very personal. Rick Spencer, produced it brilliantly by bringing the small creative group,together in their interpretation. I believe we struck a unusual unity – as if we were all breathing together. The experience was thrilling and true inspiration.

    I hope everyone is safe. Thank you for listening!


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