Re-up on Shubh Saran: “Becoming”

“Becoming” is 2020’s answer to fresh sounds coming from Shubh Saran & Friends. The EP has five outstanding tracks that paint bold and sweet emotions with extremely creative chord modulations (the title track). “Storm” is a beautiful mass of entangled rhythms, and “Dust” makes amazing use of melodies in unison, bleeds itself of a sense of loneliness, then exhales hope.

“The concept behind the EP was to explore what it would be like if I made the kind of music that I used to listen to when I was younger. It’s kind of a modern jazz musician’s approach to playing punk rock…jumping between genres while still retaining the elements that have always made up my music.”  – Shubh Saran.

For Saran’s interview on his previous CD “HADD” visit

Photo courtesy of Shubh Saran.
(c) Debbie Burke 2020

Wiregrass Local ad Justin April

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