Freshen Up with “Outside In” by Alex Hitchcock, with Cherise Adams-Burnett

Alex Hitchcock Outside In


Alex Hitchcock 2

Coming in November: a new CD by tenor and front man Alex Hitchcock that features the stunning, lilting vocals of Cherise Adams-Burnett. Called “Outside In,” the tracks are marvelously produced with a richness rivaling your favorite tiramisu.

Bringing in Adams-Burnett was a well-executed stroke of melodic brilliance, as the interplay between her vocals and Hitchcock’s sweet/spot-on tenor is beautifully gratifying. The other members of the quartet provide the warmth and texture so vital to making the music whole.

Jazz lovers are sometimes asked why they love the art form. Words often fail; music like “Outside In” is the only answer.

For the full Q&A with Alex Hitchcock, check out this interview.

Photos courtesy of and with permission of Alex Hitchcock. Top photo: South Bank Centre UK blog.
(c) Debbie Burke 2019

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