“Cristo Redentor” and How I Dug Deep Thanks to Donald Byrd

donald-byrd Nostalgia King

There are many versions of this song but Byrd’s is, I think, the benchmark. From his assertive entrance to a wide and sweet sostenuto; from the soaring, spaghetti Western vocals to the shimmering keys – this song puts me in mind of a sweeping (and maybe sad) look over my life thus far. Not to be morose: there is glowing joy to be had here too. Sealed off with its perfect, soft ending, the song is five-plus minutes of bliss, introspection, understanding and acceptance.

Find this amazing song here.

Top photo from jazzinphoto.wordpress.com and (c) Francis Wolff; second photo from nostalgiaking.com.
(c) Debbie Burke 2019


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