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September 2018

The Guitar as Painter’s Brush: “Portrait” with Tal Arditi

With a delicate touch, the first track of Tal Arditi’s debut album establishes the camaraderie between the ensemble who are really a few friends making music together. Arditi’s guitar sweetly rings out, the bass echoes the foundation of the tune... Continue Reading →

Plumbing the Silky Depths – Vocals with Nicolas Bearde

Picture-painting comes easily to Nicolas Bearde. Listening to “Lush Life,” for example, puts you in the center of the emotional agony of an out-of-grasp love. The ups and downs and mid-tones of Bearde’s vocal range are applied with authenticity; in... Continue Reading →

Phenomenal Fidelity: Yotam Ben-Or on Harmonica

Composer, harmonica player and percussionist Yotam Ben-Or is an explorer of sorts, having very little formal training but giving himself over to a great, big love affair with the harmonica. His inquisitiveness has reaped heaps, as he’s got the chops... Continue Reading →

Language of Romance Exquisitely Expressed by Ron Bernard

Backed by a luscious, smooth guitar, singer/songwriter Ron Bernard croons with emotion and sizzle in “It’s Impossible.” His classy and classic interpretations of the Great American Songbook on his new CD “Timeless” make for a sweet, romantic experience. Unique phrasing... Continue Reading →

Soaring in the Clouds: A Masterful French Horn with Bob Watt

A solo debut that taps on the shoulder of many genres is the latest outstanding contribution by the Assistant Principal French horn player for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Bob Watt. His symphonic career has spanned nearly four decades, and he... Continue Reading →

Jazzabilly – Where Kalen Henry Meets Nat King Cole

Fledgling jazz artist Kalen Henry gives fresh and unique voicings to the classics by the unforgettable Nat King Cole. With a new CD called “Not Forgotten,” each track is hand-picked to show her colorful range and innate sense of timing.... Continue Reading →

A Tenor in New Places – The Moves & Grooves of Ivan Baryshnikov

From Moscow to the Netherlands to New York City, Ivan Baryshnikov has embraced travel as a way to expand his repertoire and new ways of thinking about music. On the new CD “Journey” from his quartet, the song “Beehive” is... Continue Reading →

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