Standing Up for Jazz – About the Promoters


Readers might wonder where I learn about the jazz artists to feature here.

I’m going to split the credit: sometimes, it’s somebody who is referred to me by another musician I’ve already interviewed, or I come across some amazing jazz and I’m merely compelled to reach out and touch the person responsible.

The other way is from all the **promoters** out there who do a fantastic job getting the word out. This is certainly and jazzily to the benefit of all!

Some of my many sources appear below, along with my continued thanks. Please check out the links to all interviews!


Christian DiGirolamo, Two For the Show Media, chris@twofortheshowmedia.comDan Siegel, Elliot Mason, Martin Nevin, Ryan Meagher, B’s Bees, John Colianni, Kayo Hiraki

Milva McDonald, Braithwaite & Katz Communications, –  Rafal Sarnecki (coming soon), Dan Pugach

Jim Eigo, Jazz Promo Services,  – Hudson Valley Jazz Fest (Steve Rubin), Gabriele Tranchina, “They Died Before 40”

Terri Hinte, Terri Hinte Public Relations, – vocalist Tiffany Austin (coming soon), Roberta Piket, Lauren Henderson, Reggie Quinerly (coming soon)

Press Jammin’ Colors, Stefany Calembert,  – Laurent De Wilde, Reggie WashingtonChristos Rafalides

Karen Frieske, Blue Canoe Records, – Duo Elevation (coming soon)

Holly Cooper, Mouthpiece Music, – Jocelyn Michelle (coming soon), Cathy Segal-Garcia

Guillermo Martinez, Omix Records, – Ximo Tebar (coming TODAY 7/29/18)

Lydia Sherwood, Presto Public Relations, Angel 

Daniela Gerstmann, Match&Fuse, danielagerstmann@gmail.comAnton Hunter

Heidi Kalison, Resonance Records, heidi@resonancerecords.orgClaudio Roditi, Polly Gibbons

If you are a music promoter who wants to have an artist considered for interview on this blog, please contact me here.

Top illustration courtesy of Charlie Coatney, whose interview is here; second illustration courtesy of David Fellerman, whose interview is here.
(c) Debbie Burke 2018

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