Debbie Burke

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July 2018

A Room with Rapturous Acoustics: Step into Cathy Segal-Garcia’s JAZZ CHAMBER

In true chamber orchestra form, the strings swell and the emotion builds in “Cinema Paradiso,” one of the tracks from vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia’s newest CD. Aptly named for the blend of genres, her album “Jazz Chamber” holds many re-invented surprises.... Continue Reading →

“GLISS is bliss”

New video! GLISSANDO: A story of love, lust and jazz  

Spinning Yarns and Singing Truths: Viviana Zarbo

Delicacy, sweetness and light soon give way to pride, sass and attitude in Viviana Zarbo’s title track of her new CD, “Take Away.” Her vocals fill the air, adorned gracefully with just the right vibrato, whether she’s lamenting losing her... Continue Reading →

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