Thrumming and Luminous: Music from Ximo Tebar

Hang on by your fingertips, the ride’s going to be stirring and wild. On his latest CD called “Con Alma & United,” guitarist Ximo Tebar infuses a Mediterranean adobo into much-loved classics like “Take Five” with precise, lightning-fast fingerwork. Tebar sails along with a generous groove on “Poinciana” that features shining vocals and a Latin... Continue Reading →

Standing Up for Jazz – About the Promoters

Readers might wonder where I learn about the jazz artists to feature here. I'm going to split the credit: sometimes, it’s somebody who is referred to me by another musician I’ve already interviewed, or I come across some amazing jazz and I'm merely compelled to reach out and touch the person responsible. The other way... Continue Reading →

Snazzy Moods on Ryan Meagher’s New CD

The title track of the new Ryan Meagher [pronounced MARR] CD “Lost Days” skips along with heart and a sense of fun. When Meagher’s guitar enters, the song suddenly has sass and edge. The reverb momentarily becomes the focal point, after which the band sashays forward again; a song on the move to groove. “South... Continue Reading →

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