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June 2018

The Life-Affirming Heartbeat of Jazz with Elliot Mason

Elliot Mason, a bold and creative trombonist with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, recorded his developing baby’s heartbeat into one of his songs. This is just one of many cool things about Mason’s new CD titled “Before, Now &... Continue Reading →

Vines Intertwined Make a Sippable Wine: AS IS

A lyrical guitarist and a skilled storyteller came together in life and in music. The sweet and sassy result is what makes the ensemble As Is lovely and listenable. Their latest CD is “Here’s to Life” which presents smoothly aged... Continue Reading →

5 Instruments to Play Jazz Like A God

Guest post by Austin Consordini Jazz is the music of America. Born and developed in the southern United States, jazz music is about coming together as an ensemble, while allowing each individual player to have his or her own unique... Continue Reading →

Jazz is Another Person in the Room and it “Just Wants to Have Fun,” Says Vocalist Beverley Beirne

Beverley Beirne takes a pocketful of iconic 1980s songs and suw-ings on them like a woman commandeering a runaway train. Remember “Too Shy” [hush hush, eye to eye]? With vocals that are anything but the pedantic presentation of prose, Beirne’s... Continue Reading →

Pieces of a Dream Funk Out 100% on New CD

They move and play with abundant groove, and their iconic sound throws sunshine out every which way. Pieces of a Dream (James Lloyd, piano at left; Curtis Harmon, drums at right) has been around for over four decades, yet they’ve... Continue Reading →

A Literary Fugue in Three Parts – “A Jazzman’s Tale” by Annette Johnson

A Jazzman’s Tale about trumpet player Charles Freeman Lee is a heady mélange of a book that starts off with the unique perspective of a screenplay. Part one delves deeply into the gritty life of a jazz musician whose gigging... Continue Reading →

It’s Lovely Over The Hills – The Scottish Saxophone Academy

Every three years, The World Saxophone Congress convenes for a multi-day festival where sax players from around the globe can meet, perform in different ensembles, and learn about the latest advancements in the music business; things like instrument-making, production and... Continue Reading →

Do the Math: “Plus One” Adds up to Big, Bold, Beautiful – with Dan Pugach

The sun beats down hard and hot on a busy street in Brooklyn as a fair with crazy energy injects music into everybody within earshot. This is the feel captured by “Brooklyn Blues” on the recent CD called "Plus One"... Continue Reading →

Of Modes, Moods and an Amazing Trip Up and Down the Keys with the Ben Geyer Trio

A subtle increase in pulse imbues the new song “Reminiscence” with more energy, but pianist Ben Geyer (of the Ben Geyer Trio) slices through it with a thoughtful bridge that is stirring and imaginative. Drums soon take back the rhythm,... Continue Reading →

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