Vines Intertwined Make a Sippable Wine: AS IS

A lyrical guitarist and a skilled storyteller came together in life and in music. The sweet and sassy result is what makes the ensemble As Is lovely and listenable. Their latest CD is “Here’s to Life” which presents smoothly aged classic songs from a wide variety of artists, masterfully mixing these favorites into a tasty,... Continue Reading →

5 Instruments to Play Jazz Like A God

Guest post by Austin Consordini Jazz is the music of America. Born and developed in the southern United States, jazz music is about coming together as an ensemble, while allowing each individual player to have his or her own unique sound, musicality and ability to improvise. To be the best jazz musician one must be... Continue Reading →

Pieces of a Dream Funk Out 100% on New CD

They move and play with abundant groove, and their iconic sound throws sunshine out every which way. Pieces of a Dream (James Lloyd, piano at left; Curtis Harmon, drums at right) has been around for over four decades, yet they’ve come up with new ways to re-invent that sultry, smooth head. Their new CD “Just... Continue Reading →

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