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April 2018

The Beat Drives the Thing – Jeff Williams’s New CD “Lifelike” A Sonic Celebration

There’s a lot happening in “Dream Visitor,” a song from the upcoming CD called “Lifelike” by Jeff Williams. Assertive statements from trumpet, then sax, play over complex multi-rhythms from Williams on drums. Though not melodically prominent, there’s a theme that’s... Continue Reading →

A Rare Bird of a Voice: Joy Ellis

A sax man with a mission is the subject under scrutiny in Joy Ellis’s “The Jazzman” from her CD “Life on Land.” Ellis attacks the song with intensity and authenticity. It is a contemporary tale of the struggles of making... Continue Reading →

The Crescendo is Building with the 2018 Hudson Valley Jazz Festival

The jazz festival in and around Warwick, in upstate New York, is once again picking up steam. Entering its ninth year, the event was founded by Steve Rubin (who’s also a drummer) as a community labor of love. The jazz... Continue Reading →

Feel-good Enzymes Flow From Jeff Shirley’s “Point of the Story”

In his new CD “Point of the Story,” Kansas City guitarist Jeff Shirley says that storyline is up for interpretation. But he helps the listener get there with a mellow groove, tunes that reach the back of your brain and... Continue Reading →

Reclaimed Swatches Spun to Gold – Mark Murphy’s New CD “Pocketful of Rainbows”

Something familiar yet from a different musical perspective, guitarist/vocalist Mark Murphy’s dreamy “Lay Lady Lay” (from the new CD “Pocketful of Rainbows”) is like a room filled with flowers; an enticing love song enhanced by a freshly punctuated beat. As... Continue Reading →

Mood Intimate in Kayo Hiraki’s CD “Manhattan Sunset”

Her hands flutter and dance on the keyboard, and you might as well be ensconced at a cozy table in the back corner of one of those bars that drips with atmosphere. Kayo Hiraki approaches the music with an ease... Continue Reading →

Trills, Thrills and A Heart’s Purpose – The Music of Dan Siegel

Hard-hitting drums set the stage for the song “Rite of Passage” where a bluesy piano lead from Dan Siegel sets free a scintillating melody. Shifting direction and changing key, the guitar keeps a rich, concentrated groove; the bridge takes a... Continue Reading →

Jazz Wraps Its Arms Around the World on Jazz de Ville Radio

Based in Rotterdam and streamed around the globe is an outstanding new four-channel music site that gives you freedom of choice. Jazz de Ville is headed by multi-talented DJ Maestro who did some hard-core sleuthing into the Blue Note catalogue... Continue Reading →

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