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April 2018

Through Strong Fingertips: Roberta Piket and 88 Keys

Roberta Piket wears the Great American Songbook like it’s her second skin, but has the versatility and curiosity to pull off free jazz and something even less often heard: jazz chamber music. She’s also had the rare honor of being... Continue Reading →

Escape into a Vintage World with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks

If the highest compliment to a musician is to say that his or her band transports the listener, then bandleader Vince Giordano is a travel agency extraordinaire unto himself, providing a one-way ticket to a fascinating time and place. His... Continue Reading →

Serendipity! I Meet Sir Shadow

You may recall my July 7, 2017 post about jazz artist Sir Shadow, who appears unscheduled and unannounced throughout New York City and creates single-line art depicting musicians. As coincidence would have it, today hubby and I met with my... Continue Reading →

Sara Decker’s Debut CD “Long Distance” Exposes Struggles of the Heart

Wistful and in need of emotional closure, the title song “Long Distance” from Sara Decker’s CD of the same name is a bluesy interplay between her vocals and the expressive piano. It’s a modern story of a love affair conducted... Continue Reading →

Strike a Match: Lauren Henderson’s Flame Grows Bright

Surrounding herself with extraordinary musicians, Lauren Henderson brings on the heat with fierce vocals and communicates a sense of longing for somebody we love. With a brand new amazing CD called “Armame” and an even newer one about to be... Continue Reading →

Transported by a Trumpet – The Dulcet Tones of Roger Barbour

The Roger Barbour Quartet swings as cool as ice on “Misty” in an outdoor concert in Pittsburgh, PA. And in quintet formation, he uses delicacy and sweet tones to launch into Turrentine’s “Sugar.” Though Barbour, a trumpet and flugelhorn player,... Continue Reading →

The Unfurling of Melodies – Stefano Travaglini’s New Improv CD “Ellipse”

A one-man recording has to be darn near excellent to stand on its own, particularly when it comes to jazz piano. Stefano Travaglini absolutely delivers with his new CD “Ellipse.” The track “Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise” takes wide... Continue Reading →

A Lilt and a Lift- Inspiring Music by Rebecca Angel

Enhanced by a velvety minor key, “Winter Moon” has an airy coolness that singer Rebecca Angel serves up on a silver platter. She’s accompanied by a subtly funky organ and backed with a moody, moving percussion. The track appears on... Continue Reading →

“Sweet Sounds Downtown” Will Have Added Shine With Flute Master Ali Ryerson

A snazzy and passionate flute player who performs in the Westfield, NJ Sweet Sounds Downtown event, Ali Ryerson is an author (Jazz Flute Practice Method Book), contributing writer (Flute Talk and DownBeat), educator (an annual, week-long master class at Hidden... Continue Reading →

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