Zing Goes the Swing with the Septet “Nerija”

Your best intro to the seven-piece ensemble Nerija could be the full and brassy unity on the downbeat of “For You.” Trumpet gives a considered and melodious solo, backed expertly by at first electric guitar, then the whole band. Restating the original theme, an outstanding drumbeat backs their fullness once again. The funk of “Pinkham”... Continue Reading →

In a Moment of Glory with Wycliffe Gordon

On this past February’s Jazz Cruise from Celebrity Cruise Lines, Wycliffe Gordon lead a passionate and spirited gospel set that was contagious and outrageous. The trombonist poured his heart and a whole lotta sweat equity into a full-stage ensemble performance. Not an untapped foot or unclapped hand in the audience. So typical of Mr. Gordon’s... Continue Reading →

Crisscrossing Tonality with Martin Archer

Time is marked by a strong third beat in each measure as the haunting voice of Julie Tippetts mood-paints in 2015's “Shiver Across the Soul.” She is accompanied by composer and melodic visionary Martin Archer, who creates an atmosphere of suspense on electronics. Archer, who is also a multi-sax player and owner of the label... Continue Reading →

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